to have and have not

I don’t know if it’s the fact that I’m 26 or that I’m living on my own for real for the first time or a combination of both of those things, but I’ve discovered certain ways about myself that have developed as of late. Ways that I go about my life; things that I choose to have or have not. Some of these things are pretty trivial but have become very much a part of my fiber as a 26 year old. I couldn’t help but take a little inventory of them.

Things I can’t live without:
Rainbow Sprinkles– If I’m gonna pay for the ice cream I will ALWAYS pay for rainbow sprinkles too.
Facial Hair– On a man of course. It used to be optional to me but I’ve found in recent times it’s become a real necessity. Like a sign of ones manhood.
Dark Chocolate Chips– I keep a bag in the freezer at all times. They complete me.
Night Cream– How did I never invest in this before? My face has been thanking me lately.
DVR– I don’t think I could ever go back. 
Multivitamins– I know I don’t eat all the things my body needs so these are the next best thing. It’s time to start really taking care of this vessel I’m using.
Library Card– Free books….need I say more?? 
Eggs– I was never much of an egg eater growing up (My sister filled that role) but since moving here I find that eggs have become an essential part of my diet. They’re just so versatile and delicious!
Glass Water Bottle– Free liquid refreshment from a tap in a reusable container? Done. 
Things I can live without:
  Mini Jean Skirts– There’s a time and a place and I feel like that time and place already happened for me. And it was great while it lasted. 
Designer Duds– I thought I would get sucked into the “label” game when I moved to NYC but I think being here has only reinforced the ridiculousness of it all. Old Navy V-Necks for life!
MTV– I used to really love me some “crappy tv” as my college roommates called it and don’t get me wrong, every now and then I’ll flip through the channels and indulge but I find myself not really caring about the absurd programs on this channel anymore. 
Pop– Yes, I still call it pop. Out of sight out of mind and I’m better off for it.
Bottled Water– I just hate paying for things that I can get for free.
Beauty Magazines– I’ve read it all before Cosmo and I’ll never fit into any of those clothes Vogue. Sorry. 
Clubbing– I love to dance but I also like to have the space to do so. And the air to breathe. And the people to hear or talk to. And the bar to get to.
Iceberg Lettuce– My mom loves it so that’s what I grew up eating and I still hate it. If I want water I’ll just drink it. No need to chew it with dressing. Romaine for this girl!
The iPhone– I survived before it and I’ll continue to do so without it in my life. Sorry iLovers. I just don’t get the hype.

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