let’s eat | prosciutto-wrapped stuffed chicken breasts

I know it feels like it’s been a while since I shared some of my food-ventures with you but please don’t think I’ve only been eating Ramen Noodles for the last month. Trust me, I could if I let myself. But alas, I just haven’t cooked from my book for a while and maybe just maybe there was a failed recipe in the interim that I haven’t had the guts to share with you all! Moving on swiftly…

…here’s my most recent try!


I mean, come on. Chicken. Stuffed with cheese and bacon. Wrapped in Ham. It’s a no-brainer. I felt pretty confident going into this one.

Since this recipe didn’t have any spicy elements to it I didn’t have to substitute any ingredients! Perf!


Except of course for adding wine. I think it was Sophocles that said ” I always cook with wine and sometimes it makes it into the recipe”. Or something to that effect. One thing I did change was, because I’m such a fancy lady, I opted for a truffle goat cheese. So good. So worth it.

First things first, I made my cheesey spread. Straightforward. Mix up cheeses with herbs and garlic. Nailed it. Then, fry up some bacon. Boom. I got this!

Second step. Smash the sh*t out of those chickens! Now since this is amateur hour, the last thing I possess in my kitchen is a meat mallet. So I had to use the next best thing.


That’s right. I went full Tangled on those chickens! Frying pans are truly versatile. And if you don’t understand my Tangled reference I don’t think we can by friends. Sorry.


Just look at that flat chicken! And what a stress reliever. Hooo! My gal Chrissy suggests cutting the edges off if they got a little mangled and that annoyed me, but it didn’t, so mangled they stayed. We’re all a little mangled on our edges so who am I to judge these chickens for what I’ve done to them! Moving on.

Slather them chickens! Sprinkle ’em with bacon! Roll ’em up real nice! Mummify them in prosciutto!



Chrissy uses a cast-iron skillet to bake her chicken in but since I don’t have one of those either I used a pyrex and, like the bacon-lover I am, covered the bottom with my leftover bacon grease! Once my little chickens were seam down in their bacon pool I threw in some thyme sprigs and colorful tomato friends after (of course) cutting my finger with my tomato knife.


Damn serrated knives! Sneakily sharp! I’m pretty sure he and the bread knife are in cahoots. Battle wounds…right??

Then it was off to the oven for 30min and voila!


Please note the ooey gooey cheesey insides that became outsides. Mmmmm. I think the glass pan vs. cast-iron skillet kept my prosciutto from getting as crispy as it could have but I didn’t want to risk cooking it longer and having the chicken get dry. Nothing is worse than dry chicken. Except maybe burnt chicken. Eww.


All in all, another success! I will say that it looked pretty sparse on the plate so next time I think I’ll definitely make a vegetable for a side. More importantly it tasted delicious and wasn’t difficult to make. There’s hope for me after all guys!


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